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From the Principal's Desk...

With the dedicated efforts of the management & staff, DeCAD today enjoys an Affiliation of the University of Mumbai and approval of the Director of Art, Mumbai.


The adage “success will not lower its standard to us, we must raise our standard to success” means to us, the collective contribution of all those concerned towards the desire for expertise. The college strives hard to maintain a pliable and nourishing environment, wherein the students, a rich mix from different backgrounds, regions and cultures, discover and develop their creative potential through individual thought and self-expression. They are provided with the proficiency and knowledge that emboldens them to assess their aspiration and aim high.


The structure of the curriculum corroborates this by creating opportunities and exposure to a variety of ideas, media, methods and material, ensuring a professional fulfillment, a sense of contribution to the betterment of the society and a greater earning power which is an important part of rural entrepreneurship.

Best Regards,

Prof. Ranjit Marathe

Principal, DeCAD

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