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How It Started

DeCAD was founded in the year 2007 by the late Mr. Vasant (Balasaheb) Pitre and the late Mrs. Vimal Pitre as a project of CREDAR (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship, Development And Research) which is a trust funded by Pitre Foundation that is funded by the Pitre family & Pitre Business Ventures.
Balasaheb believed that the people native to the region of Kokan are gifted with an aptitude for art. However,the region lacked resources to avail / impart formal art education. It was in this context that DeCAD was established in the scenic & tranquil Devrukh (Taluka Sangameshwar, Dist. Ratnagiri) to provide appropriate facilities and thus enabling an environment for imparting and pursuit of formal art education.

How It Started

Contribution of the Bhagwat Family

The illustrious Bhagwat family, which hails from Devrukh, is blessed with a rich artistic, literary and cultural heritage - especially the likes of late Shri V.P. Bhagwat, known as "Mudran Maharshi" (Pioneer in Printing), the late Shri S.P. Bhagwat (popularly referred to as “Shri Pu Bhagwat"), known to all as the fiercely committed editor of “Mauj Prakashan” and the much admired art professor, late Shri Gajanan Bhagwat, who besides doing an art fellowship by invitation in Italy, learnt the Bauhaus style of design from England and went on to introduce it as a teaching methodology in the J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.
The large-hearted Bhagwat family, through the dedicated efforts of Gajanan Bhagwat and the strong support of Shri Pu Bhagwat, unconditionally donated their ancestral land to the Pitre Foundation funded CREDAR, which runs DeCAD. It was the Bhagwat family’s contribution towards the development of the Kokan region.
It is on this land (Bhagwat Sankul), that DeCAD was established. DeCAD could not have asked for a better location than the one where such a creative and illustrious family have their roots!

Bhagwat Family

Our Objective

Our objective at DeCAD is to deliver world class education and research in the field of Art and Design, in order to make a significant economic, cultural and social contribution; locally, nationally as well as internationally. We strive to identify the true potential of an individual, as well as encourage & nourish it through our disciplined programme. Our goal is to make DeCAD a stimulating place to study vibrant, creative and diverse forms of art. Our staff and students form a close-knit, collaborative community, where new ideas are always encouraged. The time spent with us by the students will be defined by an education that is studio based, face-to-face, socially engaging and professionally relevant.

Our Objective

About Devrukh

Nestled in the foothills of the Sahyadris is the cozy little town of Devrukh. Surrounded by a semi-deciduous forest, Devrukh is a sight for sore eyes. The two rivers, Bavnadi and Saptalingi, grace the town and provide water as well as spectacular views of their basins. It also offers many spots nearby like Tikaleshwar, Marleshwar and many many more which are blessed with natural beauty and inspiration.

Devrukh offers the best of both worlds with its semi-urban charm and it's proximity to nature, which together provide an unparalleled atmosphere for the pursuit of art, with proven results.

Find out more about Devrukh here.

About Devrukh
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