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Spacious Classrooms

It is essential for art students to have an ample & tranquil space for creating art. At DeCAD, our classrooms are designed to be spacious, airy & well lit, and can comfortably seat a batch of 30 students.

Spacious and airy classrooms

DeCAD believes that Art Education goes beyond confined classroom spaces. DeCAD campus is designed to facilitate Creative spaces and classrooms enabling students improving their observation skills, get closer to nature to get inspired.


Mural-Making Studio

The DeCAD campus has a dedicated mural-making studio space. Students can get creative in the lavish studio that is furnished with large individual work-spaces and other equipment to cater to the techniques of mosaic, epoxy resin, papier-mâché, terracotta and fiber glass etc.


Photography Studio

A fully equipped photography studio with plethora of equipment and accessories for digital photography in applied art.

Printmaking Studio

The DeCAD campus also boasts of a generous printmaking studio, where the students have ample space to work on their projects, hassle free. This studio is designed to have large individual work-spaces and other equipment to enable serigraphy, wood cutting & engraving, platography, etching and viscosity etc.

wprint making_3154.jpg

Well-Stocked Library

The DeCAD campus houses a well-stocked library and a study area. The library provides access to an ever-increasing number of reference  books, journals and periodicals on various subjects of fine art.



Expansive Art Gallery

Students get opportunities to showcase their work in a professional art gallery during Sankalpan, the annual art festival at DeCAD. The art gallery at DeCAD is a dedicated space equipped as a professional art gallery which also exhibits selected works of the students, throughout the year; open for public during working hours of the college.​​

Fully Equipped Conference Room

The conference room at DeCAD is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for conferences, presentations and seminars etc. on the campus.


Student Life


Solar Energy

DeCAD, as a part of the Go Green Initiative, boasts of a range of solar panels, that produce up to 20 kVA of energy. The solar panels were the very first in Sangameshwar taluka.

Generator Back-Up

We also have a generator back-up, so that students can chase their creativity, undisturbed.

Mess Service

CREDAR Hospitality, managed by a dedicated team of local women, runs a mess at the DeCAD campus. The mess serves nutritious, home-cooked, traditional Maharashtrian food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On-Campus Hostel

The hostel also run by CREDAR Hospitality, has 18 self-contained, fully furnished, comprehensive rooms that can comfortably accommodate up to 72 students.

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