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Spacious Classrooms

It is essential for art students to have an ample & tranquil space for creating art. At DeCAD, our classrooms are designed to be spacious, airy & well lit, and can comfortably seat a batch of 30 students.

Mural-Making Studio

The DeCAD campus has a dedicated mural-making studio space. Students can get creative in the lavish studio that is furnished with large individual work-spaces and other equipment to cater to the techniques of mosaic, epoxy resin, papier-mâché, terracotta and fiber glass etc.

wprint making_3154.jpg

Printmaking Studio

The DeCAD campus also boasts of a generous printmaking studio, where the students have ample space to work on their projects, hassle free. This studio is designed to have large individual work-spaces and other equipment to enable serigraphy, wood cutting & engraving, platography, etching and viscosity etc.

Well-Stocked Library

The DeCAD campus houses a well-stocked library and a study area. The library provides access to an ever-increasing number of reference  books, journals and periodicals on various subjects of fine art.




Expansive Art Gallery

Students get opportunities to showcase their work in a professional art gallery during Sankalpan, the annual art festival at DeCAD. The art gallery at DeCAD is a dedicated space equipped as a professional art gallery which also exhibits selected works of the students, throughout the year; open for public during working hours of the college.​​


Fully Equipped Conference Room

The conference room at DeCAD is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for conferences, presentations and seminars etc. on the campus.

Student Life


Solar Energy

DeCAD, as a part of the Go Green Initiative, boasts of a range of solar panels, that produce up to 20 kVA of energy. The solar panels were the very first in Sangameshwar taluka.

Generator Back-Up

We also have a generator back-up, so that students can chase their creativity, undisturbed.

Mess Service

CREDAR Hospitality, managed by a dedicated team of local women, runs a mess at the DeCAD campus. The mess serves nutritious, home-cooked, traditional Maharashtrian food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On-Campus Hostel

The hostel also run by CREDAR Hospitality, has 18 self-contained, fully furnished, comprehensive rooms that can comfortably accommodate up to 72 students.

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